▶ PreMarket Prep for March 20: Financials slow on Friday’s quad witch close; More order flow Insight by Benzinga’s PreMarket Prep

On today’s show Joel and Dennis talk about how order flow played a part in Friday’s volatile close. Later the hosts discuss the upside for NKE, DIS, and OLED with Chris Versace and get the Nitrous Scan’s read on a few securities with Monday regular Tommy LackeyFeatured guests:Chris Versace, Chief Investment Officer at Tematica Research and Co-Author of the book Cocktail Investing (15:30)Tommy Lackey, Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager at Relativity Capital Advisors (33:18)Listen to PreMarket Prep and chat LIVE with our hosts, guests, and other listeners every weekday morning from 8-9 ET!

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Chris Broussard
I'm the Co-Founder and President of Tematica Research and editor of Thematic Signals, which aims to uncover confirming data points and items to watch for our list of investing themes. Whether its a news item, video clip, or company commentary, we've included this full list of items literally "ripped from the headlines." I have been involved in financial services marketing and publishing for over 20 years – having held senior level positions with financial publishers, financial services corporations and providing marketing support and consulting services to financial institutions and independent financial advisors. My background in digital marketing, financial services and consumer research provides me with a unique perspective on how to uncover the underlying proof points that are driving the themes our Chief Investment Officer Chris Versace utilizes in our various Tematica publications.

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