Fortnite’s $1 billion revenue reveals where gaming is headed

Fortnite’s $1 billion revenue reveals where gaming is headed

The knee-jerk reaction when it comes to the fall of broadcast content is streaming service from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and others. While that is certainly putting a world of hurt on broadcasters and forcing advertisers to rethink where to spend their advertising dollars, it would be a mistake to overlook the growing influence that gaming-related content is having. That content has leaped to screens spawning TV and movie programming as well as related toy sales, a streaming network that allows gamers to watch other gamers, the rise of e-sports and tournament style play.

Fortnite may be the latest gaming craze, but odds are it won’t be the last. As more games adopt that streaming, multi-player model, expect it to drive bandwidth and processing power demand along with it.


Fortnite has become an insanely popular game and we heard last month that the title’s debut on iOS generated $100 million in revenue in just three months. Now, a new report says that the battle royale blockbuster has hit over $1 billion in sales across all platforms the popularity of the game continues to increase as the developer, Epic Games hit the billion dollar milestone for in-app purchases in less than a year.

While the majority of players are likely on a desktop version, iOS certainly helped to boost the awareness and revenue of the game. There’s also some pent-up demand as Android users eagerly await a release this summer.

The report also notes that the popularity of the game really took off thanks to well-known streamers and celebrities on Twitch.Twitch exposed a huge audience to Fortnite through prominent streamers like Ninja. Ninja’s stream with Drake hit 635K viewers, breaking the concurrent viewership record at the time.

Looking forward, Epic Games has a lot of potential to increase its revenue with Fortnite even further. The game could soon create more sales with vehicles skins, in-game gifting, and more.Notably, Epic Games has now partnered with Funko to create Fortnite collectibles. While details are slim for now, the collection could include the game’s characters as Funko Pop’s popular big-head figures, keychain accessories, and more.

Source: Fortnite has hit over $1 billion in revenue with in-app purchases | 9to5Mac

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