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Tematica Investing

Delivered weekly to your inbox with regular updates throughout the week, Tematica Investing provides actionable investment ideas and strategies based upon the proprietary thematic investing framework Chief Investment Officer Chris Versace has developed over the past 20+ years as an equity analyst, portfolio manager and market commentator.

Thematic Leaders

The Thematic Leaders are the stocks that crystallize and embody each of our 10 investment themes and offer the most compelling risk-to-reward tradeoff at the current time. Additionally, The Thematic Leaders includes a bonus holding which is the most thematically well-positioned company riding the largest number of tailwinds from all the themes.

Select List

While the Thematic Leaders list includes those stocks that offer the most compelling risk-to-reward tradeoff, the Select List includes additional stocks that have additional thematic runway to ride and we continue to provide thematic analysis on as they continue to capture any and all additional upside.

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