Tematica Investing PRO Service

A Fast Turn Approach to Thematic Investing

Tematica Pro utilizes the same thematic lens we apply to all our publications; however while the Tematica Investing newsletter takes a long-view approach, this Pro service is designed for experience investors with a higher risk tolerance.

For most investors, the long investing approach we use in Tematica Investing is a great way to take advantage of an emerging thematics like the Cash Strapped Consumer, Aging of the Population, Connected Society, Rise & Fall of the Middle Class and others.

But some investors — perhaps those with more experience trading as well as a higher risk-tolerance — are looking for ways to boost their risk-to-reward ratio. And that’s what we do in Tematica Pro.

In the faster-paced Tematica Pro service, Chief Investment Officer Chris Versace pairs his  thematic view of the market with a more aggressive approach to explore shorter-term investment ideas and strategies utilizing:

  • Long / Short pair trades, combining a stock riding the wave of a thematic (long) with a short investment in a stock identified as the “loser” of a thematic trend.
  • When appropriate, call option recommendations as a way to potentially “turbo charge” returns. These recommendations include entry points, target prices and exit alerts from each call.

Each Tematica Pro Subscription Includes:


These hotline alerts come straight from Chief Investment Officer Chris Versace and his team, and contains in-depth information on emerging thematic conditions that can be leveraged through either an ETF trade, an option call, or a short position in an equity position. These alerts provide the justification for the trade, as well as details on exactly how investors can execute the trade should they decide to.


A $249 value, each Tematica Pro subscription also includes the Tematica Investing newsletter. The centerpiece offering from Tematica Research, Tematica Investing provides subscribers with investment ideas and strategies based upon the proprietary thematic investing framework Chief Investment Officer Chris Versace has developed over the past 20+ years as a equity analyst, portfolio manager and market commentator.


To help investors get ready for the trading days ahead, the Monday Morning Kickoff traces the key happenings of the previous week and looks ahead to the coming economic and earnings calendars for the new week. Utilizing its thematic lens, the Tematica Team identifies key catalysts that are bound to shape the market in the near-term and beyond.

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Strategies Utilized in Tematica PRO

Exchange Traded Funds
Option Trading

Using the same thematic investment approach, Tematica Pro utilizes more aggressive techniques for executing investments, including short-term trades in ETFs, Option Calls, and Short-Selling of equities.

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