Only By Thinking Differently Than the Herd

Can One Truly Aim to Outperform the Market




If you are looking to outperform the overall market — and who isn’t looking to do that? — then mimicking the same strategies used by the rest of the Wall Street herd is only going to result in performance that is still inside the pack.


It’s time to invest differently. It’s time to invest thematically.

It’s time to let Tematica Research help you break free from the pack.

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– Get on Board with Thematic Investing –

If you want to break away from the herd . . . 
then it’s time to give Tematica Research a try

When you become a member to Tematica Research, you are plugged into the world of thematic investing, and each week we deliver to you a stream of insights, strategies, and actions you can take to outperform the market. We have three membership types to select from:

Designed for experienced individual investors and financial advisors, the Tematica Individual Membership provides access to thematic investing strategies, trading ideas, and analysis of the most pressing developments that drive both our thematic perspectives.

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As the name would suggest, Tematica Professional is for Financial Professionals looking for increased guidance and insights into how current events and market developments are impacting our thematic perspectives and in turn their client portfolios.

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Detailed data points that pertain to our 17 proprietary investing themes to provide context and perspective to portfolio and fund managers in how the themes will impact the markets in both the near term and long term basis.

– About Tematica Research –

We are the Leaders in
Thematically Driven
Equity Research, Economic Commentary & Investing Strategies Across Stocks, ETFs and Options

The thematic discipline utilized by Tematica across its research, economic commentary and portfolio construction is the culmination of the more than 25 years Chief Investment Officer Chris Versace spent analyzing industries and companies in a variety of roles as an equity analyst, portfolio manager, investment banker and strategic consultant serving both individual as well as institutional investors.

For every Apple, there is a Palm or Blackberry.
For every Facebook, a MySpace or Friendster.

For every Tesla Motors, a Hummer.
For every Netflix, a Blockbuster.

As with all investment strategies, success with a thematic approach ultimately comes down to the underlying principle of investing: identifying which securities within an emerging theme are mispriced or undervalued relative to the business opportunities ahead as a result of the sea change presenting itself through a theme.


Our thematic approach, however, makes this process clearer because a theme, at its core, identifies the underlying drivers of future value (or risk), and thus provides a forward-looking, longer-term lens to making investment decisions, rather than focusing solely on what’s happening right now.

 A Smarter Approach Over Sector-Based Investing

With our ever-changing technology and the fast pace at which trends are emerging and spreading globally, it’s oversimplifying to identify any one or two sectors as having the most potential. In any sector, there will be some companies that seize on a new opportunity faster than others as new trends or themes emerge in today’s world.

And then there are those companies that will literally jump sectors as a trend emerges — does anyone think of Alphabet (formerly Google) as an auto company? Well, they very well could be in the next several years if its self-driving project is successful. That’s a very big if, however, Apple’s “Project Titan” and the several hundred employees it has working on creating an electric vehicle at a secret location near its Cupertino headquarters shows just how serious outsiders are about jumping into the auto-sector.

For reasons such as these and many others, traditional sector-based investing doesn’t fit into our mindset at all at Tematica. When we analyze the market landscape, we instead approach it from an entirely different perspective.

Examples of Our Thematic Approach