Emirates thinks robots, AI and big data can improve the airport experience

Emirates thinks robots, AI and big data can improve the airport experience

Team Tematica logs plenty of air miles each year, and we would love to see a more stream lined way to getting not only in and out of the airport, but on and off the airplane as well. It seems, we’re not alone in that thinking and now Emirates, the world’s biggest long-haul carrier, is sharing its view on how using several Disruptive Technologies could improve that experience.

We’ve previously said the adoption of disruptive technologies can take many forms, often with the game changer in terms of adoption coming from an unlikely source. I’m not sure if airline travel is it, but I’d be more than happy for the results… provided my bags don’t get lost.


Outlining what automation, artificial intelligence and big data can do for air travel, the carrier’s President Tim Clark laid out a vision in which robots, with no need for human intervention, would ID bags, put them in prescribed bins and later take them out of the aircraft. His concept also includes cutting back on what is still the most laborious part of flying — the central security search.

“That’s in today’s technology,” he told reporters in Sydney on Tuesday at the International Air Transport Association’s annual general meeting.

The entire process, from arrival at the airport, check-in, immigration through all the way to the boarding gates, would become seamless and uninterrupted, he said. The technology can be deployed even for security searches, said Clark, 68, adding a passenger passing through the system would keep walking while being inspected by “lots of entities.”

Source: Emirates Wants Amazon-Like Robots Sorting Out Airport Baggage – Bloomberg