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The Tematica Individual Membership provides thematic investing strategies, trading ideas, and analysis of the most pressing economic and market developments that drive both our thematic perspectives and investing strategies. Experienced Individual Investors and Financial Professionals that become members receive:

As the centerpiece of the offering from Tematica Research, Tematica Investing provides subscribers with investment ideas and strategies based upon the proprietary thematic investing framework Chief Investment Officer Chris Versace has developed over the past 20+ years as an equity analyst, portfolio manager and market commentator.

Tematica Investing takes a long-view approach to investing based upon documented trends that are uncovered while analyzing the intersection of economic, demographic, psychographic, regulatory and technological factors. This process identifies the underlying drivers of future value (or risk), and thus provides a forward-looking, longer-term lens to making investment decisions than traditional investment strategies.


Publishing Schedule: Issues are published 48 weeks per year, with a weekly issue generally published each Wednesday of the week, along with regular updates throughout the week as conditions warrant.


To help investors get ready for the trading days ahead, The Monday Morning Kickoff traces the key happenings of the previous week and looks ahead to the coming economic and earnings calendars for the new week. Utilizing its thematic lens, the Tematica Team identifies key catalysts that are bound to shape the market in the near-term and beyond.

Sent Monday mornings before the market opens, each issue is jammed pack with information, yet concise in its analysis. We also realize it’s Monday morning, and the transition from the weekend fun to the market open is sometimes jarring, so we do our best to make it at least a little entertaining whenever we can!


Publishing Schedule: Issues are published 48 weeks per year and while it might be painfully obvious, yes, the report is released on Monday mornings.

Thematic Signals highlights confirming data points and items to watch for our list of investing themes. Whether it’s a news item, video clip, or company commentary, each week we develop this full list of items literally “ripped from the headlines.”


Publishing Schedule: Stories are published throughout the week on our website, with a weekly wrap-up issue around mid-day on Friday’s.



Host Tematica Chief Investment Officer Chris Versace is joined by a rotating group of Wall Street and Industry veterans as they recap and discuss the news and events of the week and what the likely impact on the markets could be going forward. And of course, like any office happy hour, with a cocktail or two in hand, the conversations oftentimes diverts (or devolves depending on your perspective) into areas and events that pique our own interests, be it the UK’s Premier League, Orin Swift wines, ice hockey or all things Bruce Springsteen.


Publishing Schedule:  Episodes are released on Thursday afternoons most weeks.

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