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NEW YORK (TheStreet) — It’s only a matter of time before Alphabet investors separate the wheat from the chaff. Let me explain.

Last night the company now formerly known as Google(GOOG – Get Report)(GOOGL – Get Report) and now known as Alphabet announced a new operating structure that in some ways looks to shine the light of transparency on the Internet search giant and its various businesses. Read Full Article >>

Greek Crisis with Neil Cavuto

On July 6th I spoke about the Greek Crisis with Neil Cavuto, a tragedy which is starting to feel like a Sisyphean set of negotiations stuck in a Groundhog day style loop. Bottom line is Greece cannot be expected to honor its debts. Any additional debt is simply a form of much needed aid, to help the country until it comes to terms with the reality of just how many promises that have been made to its citizens will need to be broken. This Greek tragedy reveals the extent to which all nations within the Eurozone may be forced to give up their sovereignty when things get really tough. The concept of the Eurozone was intended to ensure peace between nations weary of centuries of war and prosperity for all.  Prosperity is a long way off for many and peace, well the level of acrimony is becoming dangerously high.

RealMoney: Here’s Why Shopify’s IPO Was a Winner and Etsy’s Just Fizzled

What a difference an IPO’s business can make!

Some can be fantastic performers, while every now and again we get one that flops out of the gate. Nothing captures that better than the recent IPO of online goods seller Etsy  ([stock_quote symbol=”ETSY”]), which has seen the company’s shares fall more than 40% since the offering, and Shopify  ([stock_quote symbol=”SHOP”]), a software that helps retailers sell goods online, that saw its shares vault higher on the first day of trading after pricing the offering at $17 per share.

At first blush you might say “oh, they both sell products online,” but that would be a mistake. While Etsy is more or less a portal that enables “people to connect, make, sell and buy products,” Shopify is the enabling software that has allowed small and medium size companies to get their business up and running on the web or mobile platforms.

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Fox Business: Making Money with Charles Payne

Fox Business: Making Money with Charles Payne

Are there too many average investors in the markets? FBN’s Charles Payne, Penn Financial President Matt McCall, Heritage Capital LLC President Paul Schatz, Fairfax Global CEO & CIO Paul Dietrich, Fabian Wealth Strategies Thematic Growth Portfolio Manager Chris Versace and Scottie Hughes News Director on whether the markets are flooded with too many average investors and day traders. Watch Now >>

Fox Business: Making Money with Charles Payne

If we’re rooting for America to be #1, why are we investing elsewhere?  FBN’s Charles Payne, Growth & Dividend Report Editor Chris Versace, Plimsoll Mark Capital Managing Director Jim Awad, Navellier & Associates CEO Louis Navellier, Tea Party News Network News Director Scottie Nell Hughes and Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall on Americans investing overseas. Watch Now >>