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Dear Subscribers:


For the past several years, you placed your trust in me to help you navigate the waters of options trading. We’ve done this through several different services, most recently the Tematica Options+ service and we’ve had some tremendous success at times — and of course, some not so successful periods as well.


Given the recent turbulence in the market, navigating the options trading landscape has become a challenge. As I wrote in last week’s issue, we’re dealing with a market that can turn against us with a single tweet or news headline, despite the underlying fundamentals. It’s for this reason that I’ve come to the decision to hand the Tematica Options+ reigns off to someone that is a dedicated full-time options trader that can utilize all the tools of the trade. That someone is Bob Lang of Explosive Options.


By now, you should have received an email from Bob about your new membership at Explosive Options. Click here to view the email online. We’re going to keep the Tematica Options+ content up on our site for a few more days and you’ll continue to have full access until then.


Thank you again for all your support. I can’t think of a better person to take the options reigns for you than Bob!



Chris Versace

Tematica Options+: A Thematic Look at 2019 and a New Option Trade

Tematica Options+: A Thematic Look at 2019 and a New Option Trade

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