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When you become a member to Tematica Research, you are plugged into the world of thematic investing, and each week we deliver to you a stream of insights, strategies, and actions you can take to outperform the market. We have three membership types to select from:


Designed for experienced individual investors and financial advisors, the Tematica Individual Membership provides access to thematic investing strategies, trading ideas, and analysis of the most pressing developments that drive both our thematic perspectives.

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As the name would suggest, Tematica Professional is for Financial Professionals looking for increased guidance and insights into how current events and market developments are impacting our thematic perspectives and in turn their client portfolios.

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Detailed data points that pertain to our 17 proprietary investing themes to provide context and perspective to portfolio and fund managers in how the themes will impact the markets in both the near term and long term basis.

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