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From a January 2020 hack user records surface for sale. This article also discusses the role of “data brokers.” An interesting read all around. UPDATE: The Wishbone database leaks online after a hacker began selling it earlier this week. Source: Hacker leaks 40 million user records from popular Wishbone app | ZDNet

It seems that almost a day doesn’t go by that we don’t learn of a new COVID-19 related cyber attack. One of the latest ones comes from Microsoft’s Security Intelligence team concerning a new widespread Covid-19 themed phishing campaign. Once again, the attackers are impersonating a trusted entity to lure unsuspecting users into harms way […]

The World Economic Forum recently debuted its latest Global Risks report, which included cybersecurity as one of its “Top 10 Fallout” issues from COVID-19. This comes as little surprise following the fivefold increase in cyber attacks reported by the World Health Organization. What does stand out is the WEF’s Global Risk report tends to focus […]

During the pandemic there has been a growing sense as well as no shortage of data showcasing the growing by cyber attackers and other malicious folks looking to compromise corporate, personal and other data through an evolving set of digital schemes. As this article highlights, if hackers can break into the networks of America’s largest […]

Each week Team Tematica consumes a voracious amount of content as we look to stay on top of the latest data and mine it for tailwind and headwind signals for our 10 investment themes.

Malware, Ransomware, Spyware, Creepware? New York University and Cornell Tech researchers in coordination with NortonLifeLock (NLOK:NASDAQ) unveil a new frontier in cybersecurity & data privacy. The applications were discovered with a new algorithm called CreepRank, developed by a team of academics. Source: Google removed 813 creepware apps from the Android Play Store | ZDNet

Each week Team Tematica consumes a voracious amount of content as we look to stay on top of the latest data and mine it for tailwind and headwind signals for our 10 investment themes.

Our Investment Themes

Aging of the Population

The impact on the economy of a global demographic shift to a more senior population


The foundational services and technologies that enable continuous access to information, commerce, communication, and entertainment that have become a daily fact of life.


Disruptive Innovators today span not just technology, but also biological sciences, material science, healthcare, energy, consumer and business services.


Those luxury goods and services that give pleasure to the buyer while also serving as a sign of having made it and reflect a level of social standing and indulgence

Rise of the Global Middle Class

Focuses on areas around the world where rising disposable incomes are driving consumers to look for ways to improve themselves and the way they live.

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The growing demand for products that claim to be natural, boost health, or have a positive impact on the environment.


The confluence of high-speed networks, expanding computing power, and falling storage costs have changed how consumers interact, share, shop, transact, game, pay and consume content.


Those little treats and would-be harmless vices that we as consumers like or need to have from time to time even though there may be a form of guilt associated with indulging.


Lower employment, increased savings rates, lack of available credit, and weak income growth have led consumers to save where they can, seeking more value for each dollar spent.


The evolving needs across individual, cyber, corporate and homeland security as behaviors shift away from reactionary defense towards always prepared and secure.