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Marriott’s cyber attack is one of the larger ones in recent history, but what separates it from others in the past is the recent passage of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation privacy law. This will make the Marriott attack not only one to watch but also a likely driver of spending associated with our Safety & Security investing theme.

Cocktail Investing Podcast Episode 86

This week on the Cocktail Investing podcast our resident mixologists – Chris Versace, Tematica Research’s Chief Investment Officer and Lenore Hawkins, Tematica Research’s Chief Macro Strategist – talk about major changes underfoot in the equity and bond markets as well as the major macro factors that are likely to impact investors in the months ahead.

Recently we shared how the Trump Administration has not only pumped up the  Department of Defense Budget to $717 billion for 2018, but also encouraged the export of U.S. weaponry to foreign militaries as a means for driving down costs while also promoting domestic manufacturing. This is a clear thematic data point for Tematica’s Safety & […]

The 2018 $717 billion Department of Defense budget included more than 20,000 more troops, 90 new F-35s, a $4 billion missile defense system and the creation of the Space Corps as a new arm of the Air Force. That budget was big news for defense contractors here in the United States, but doesn’t tell the entire story of how strong 2018 has been for them

The growing frequency of cyber scams is leading the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to take notice given the underlying assumption of investor trust in a company’s internal controls. Should the SEC start dolling out fines for lax corporate behavior, it would lead to fresh wave of spending on cyber security solutions.

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If we were only to read the headlines, one might think that cybersecurity is the only form of protection one needs these days. I’ll grant you that as we venture deeper into our Digital Lifestyle and Digital Infrastructure themes, odds are cybersecurity will play an increasing role, but there will still be other forms of […]

When we hear about a budget increase, particularly one approved by the Federal government, there are concerns about how the funds will be spent. Will those funds be spent as intended or prattled away on items that may fall out of the original spending approval. With the last year’s congressionally mandated defense spending increase, this week […]

When it comes to our Safety & Security investing theme, it’s true that cyber-related crimes and subsequent calls for spending tend to get the bulk of the headlines, but there are several other aspects to it as well. This week Washington approved a defense spending measure to direct more than $670 billion towards a wave of Defense […]

In Puerto Rico, we are seeing the phenomenon of Disruptive Innovation play out in the area of renewable energy as residents struggle to get back on their feet following Hurricane Maria. What was once a savings or clean energy advantage, solar power is almost becoming a necessity for safety and security.

Last week all eyes were on Apple and Fall 2018 new model iPhone launch and this week Amazon is taking the new product spotlight as it announces a number of new Echo products and others that include its digital assistant, Alexa. These products confirm that our view several years ago that voice would be the […]

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