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In Puerto Rico, we are seeing the phenomenon of Disruptive Innovation play out in the area of renewable energy as residents struggle to get back on their feet following Hurricane Maria. What was once a savings or clean energy advantage, solar power is almost becoming a necessity for safety and security.

Last week all eyes were on Apple and Fall 2018 new model iPhone launch and this week Amazon is taking the new product spotlight as it announces a number of new Echo products and others that include its digital assistant, Alexa. These products confirm that our view several years ago that voice would be the […]

When Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase one of the largest banking entities, speaks investors and the markets tend to listen and digest what he is saying. This week, Dimon reminded that cybersecurity, one of the tentpoles of our Safety & Security investing theme, is an area that individuals, institutions and the government need to […]

At the recent Air, Space and Cyber Conference, United States Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson detailed her vision for increasing the number of squadrons by 24%, taking the force up to 386 squadrons from the current level of 312. Citing several studies, as well as feedback from service personnel, the USAF is too small to fulfil […]

According to JP Morgan, one of its models that “calculates outcomes based on the length of the economic expansion, the potential duration of the next recession, the degree of leverage, asset-price valuations and the level of deregulation and financial innovation before the crisis” sees the next financial crisis occurring in 2020.  We recognize this current economic […]

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The right to defend yourself and your property apply in today’s increasingly connected world, just as it did more than 200 years ago. While the public debate and much of the media coverage focus on the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms, the threats we face today are changing, just as the way we interact with people, data and content are changing.

It’s been a rough week for Tematica Research’s Chief Macro Strategist, Lenore Hawkins. Not only has British Airways once again lost her bags TWICE and offered little to no customer service help, which if you’ve traveled internationally you know is quite the bear, but she was also informed that her payment information was among the […]

We have long said one of the dark sides of our Digital Lifestyle investing theme is a tailwind for our Safety & Security theme, and a new report makes the case for the not only the reverse, but it also invokes our Disruptive Innovators one as well. I’m talking about mobile payments. With debit and […]

We’ve all heard about and even longed or the day when we would no longer have to carry one’s money, credit cards, keys, and identification. Mobile payments like Apple Pay and aspects of the Connected Home have helped ease the burden on our pockets and bags, but identification has been the more elusive category. It seems, […]

A new report finding security holes in digital trading platforms is a sharp reminder of one downside associated with our Digital Lifestyle investing theme. While most tend to take it for granted the ease of shopping or in this case trading or at least buying and selling stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs online, few are likely […]

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