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While the fleet of B-52 planes has continued to receive updates and upgrades since originally manufactured by Boeing in the 1960’s, the Air Force recently announced it’s a plan to fully modernize the fleet, to the tune of $3.2 billion over the next 5 years. A contract that will be of great value to a Safety & Security investment theme company.

Whether it’s being driven by on-going concerns of ISIS, other instability in the Middle East, domestic terrorism, cyber terrorisum or just the need to upgrade and update military operations with the latest and greatest of technology, there is boom going on in the defense space across the globe.

We’ve often said that navel-gazing in one’s home geography and not looking outside those borders can lead to missing inflection as well as tipping points. That’s especially so with our Disruptive Innovators investing theme given there tend to be some preconceived notions as to where those adoption points are likely to be. Fairly often, there […]

Episode 94 of the Cocktail Investing Podcast: Why Netflix Should be Afraid of Fortnite

Thematic signals for this week span our Digital Lifestyle investing theme as we explain why we think Netflix (NFLX) is right to be scared of not Hulu but Fortnite. Our Digital Lifestyle theme meshes with Aging of the Population as the use of sensors and other technologies are being used to keep tabs and assist our aging loved ones. Beer may be a shrinking Guilty Pleasure of choice in the US as consumers continue to flock to wine and other alternatives.

The thematic tailwinds associated with our 10 investment themes will continue to blow hard in 2019 and we will continue to focus on those companies that are capitalizing on those tailwinds and driving profit growth. In that light, we are using the market pullback to add to Axon Enterprises, the Safety & Security Thematic Leader, which will drop the cost basis considerably.

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In order to look forward, you have to first assess what’s happened of late. With that in mind as we move past New Year’s Day and begin the 12-month march for 2019, we’re re-sharing the top 10 Cocktail Investing podcasts by the number of downloads for 2018.

We’ve seen a pronounced pickup, as expected, in the shift to digital shopping that is one of the central aspects of our Digital Lifestyle investing theme. New research shows that shift is also serving as a spark for cyber attacks, increasing the risk of malicious activity that is a tailwind for cyber spending and our Safety & Security investing theme.  

The journey into space, what began primarily as a scientific endeavor of man, has evolved over the decades into a technological focus with the launch and use of satellites. Such satellites are used for everything from surveillance, communications, weather forecasting and GPS functions.  And of course, as is often the case, where there are valuable […]

We’ve closed the books on a painful November, and while progress on the US-China trade front is popping the stock market today a number of issues remain that will likely come into focus as the relief rally fades. We recap the Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday holiday shopping, a boon for our Digital Lifestyle investing theme and discuss what investors should be watching this week as we kick off the last month of the trading year.

Marriott’s cyber attack is one of the larger ones in recent history, but what separates it from others in the past is the recent passage of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation privacy law. This will make the Marriott attack not only one to watch but also a likely driver of spending associated with our Safety & Security investing theme.

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