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As the kinds of cyber attacks companies and other businesses are experiencing expand, we are seeing the actual victims, as well as potential ones of these attacks, step up their efforts to protect themselves. In hospitals, one of the areas of focus is internet connected equipment, but we can see how this will quickly spill over to […]

We’re halfway through the March quarter earnings season and so far, aggregate earnings for the S&P 500 is running ahead of expectations, and that has helped drive the market to new highs. Yet, as evidenced by results from 3M, Tesla, Sherwin Williams, Gorman Rupp and others that are feeling the impact of the slowing global […]

It comes as no surprise cyber attacks are continuing. As we’ve shared in the past when discussing our Safety & Security investing theme, cyber is the new war front. Now we are seeing is a more pronounced change in the types of attacks (ransomware) and the targets (healthcare and small businesses). Perhaps the thinking is […]

As we tend to say here at Tematica, it only takes a high profile headline to remind people about the increasingly pervasive threat of cyber attacks, the 21st century’s theater for war, that is a tailwind for our Safety & Security investing theme. Typically these headlines for these attacks surround individuals and corporations, but this […]

Normally a growing end market is one that company’s look to tap into but shortages of key materials and other inputs can hamper their success. This same dilemma is unfolding in the cybersecurity market, a key one for our Safety & Security investing theme, given the shortage of skilled security professionals. Most shortages result in pain points […]

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Lest we fall into a sense of false security given the lack of a high profile cyber attack in recent months, we have a new warning from Cisco over the need to patch a vulnerability in their hardware. A solid reminder that the demand drivers for our  Safety & Security investing theme come in all […]

While the fleet of B-52 planes has continued to receive updates and upgrades since originally manufactured by Boeing in the 1960’s, the Air Force recently announced it’s a plan to fully modernize the fleet, to the tune of $3.2 billion over the next 5 years. A contract that will be of great value to a Safety & Security investment theme company.

Whether it’s being driven by on-going concerns of ISIS, other instability in the Middle East, domestic terrorism, cyber terrorisum or just the need to upgrade and update military operations with the latest and greatest of technology, there is boom going on in the defense space across the globe.

We’ve often said that navel-gazing in one’s home geography and not looking outside those borders can lead to missing inflection as well as tipping points. That’s especially so with our Disruptive Innovators investing theme given there tend to be some preconceived notions as to where those adoption points are likely to be. Fairly often, there […]

Episode 94 of the Cocktail Investing Podcast: Why Netflix Should be Afraid of Fortnite

Thematic signals for this week span our Digital Lifestyle investing theme as we explain why we think Netflix (NFLX) is right to be scared of not Hulu but Fortnite. Our Digital Lifestyle theme meshes with Aging of the Population as the use of sensors and other technologies are being used to keep tabs and assist our aging loved ones. Beer may be a shrinking Guilty Pleasure of choice in the US as consumers continue to flock to wine and other alternatives.

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