Mirror Mirror on the Wall – Make me Sweat!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall – Make me Sweat!

When even the owner of a gym is struggling the time for fitness, we see the market as ripe for a Disruptive Innovator. Peleton is the first major entrant into this space we see between Disruptive Innovator and the Digital Lifestyle in which those seeking fitness are able to squeeze a class into their ever busy lives in a way that would never have been possible without the Digital Infrastructure that supports the Digital Lifestyle.

Now we see another entrant into this new space, Mirror.

A Mirror retails for $1,495, plus a monthly $39 subscription for classes. The company streams 50 live workouts, ranging from boxing to barre, each week from its production studio in New York. The display has an LCD panel, surround-sound speakers, camera, camera lens for privacy, microphone, and one-way glass. A white glove delivery team will come to your home and either mount the mirror on the wall or set it on a stand.

Brought to you by a Millenial who couldn’t find the time for fitness despite being in the industry herself.

“I found that I was a gym owner who was struggling to work out,” Putnam said to Yahoo Finance. “As a busy entrepreneur and new mom, it was increasingly difficult for me to get to my own gyms to fit in a workout. So I started to think about how we could bring the studio experience in-home.”….

These Millenials have high expectations but value their time. Ok, give them the top quality classes by the best coaches anywhere they want, whenever they want.

“The market is large and growing,” she said. “We have a growing population of millennials who have grown accustomed to higher quality classes, instruction and the experience of boutique studios. They are now finding it more challenging to work out due to geography, cost or schedule. That’s a population that’s going to age into demanding higher quality workout experiences at home.”

It isn’t just Millenials though who benefit from the intersection of Digital Infrastructure and Disruptors. The Boomer generation may have more free time, but they may face other restrictions or just prefer to avoid the hassle of going to a gym and being surrounded by the crowds for those top-tier classes.

“Users are showing a great passion for health and wellness and allocating more and more of their leisure and time to health and wellness activities. Our users will go to a class or have a Mirror at home.”

While Mirror may be trying to entice trend-seeking millennials, it can also attract retirees who want to stay healthy without having to trek to the gym.

Source: Boutique fitness Mirror taking on Peloton [Video]

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