Thematic Reading: Week of August 12, 2019

Thematic Reading: Week of August 12, 2019

Each week Team Tematica consumes a voracious amount of content as we look to stay on top of the latest data and mine it for tailwind and headwind signals for our 10 investment themes. For those that are less familiar with our investment themes, we’d suggest you visit or in some cases revisit this before proceeding further.

Below we’ve cobbled together a subset of the articles that caught our thematic eye over the last several days. As you can see this list not only touch on several aspects of our investment themes but the sources of these articles are rather diverse as well. In our view, this confirms not only the pervasive nature of our investment themes but the degree to which they are recognizable in the world around us, provided that one is seeing, listening and thinking thematically.

About the Author

Chris Versace, Chief Investment Officer
I'm the Chief Investment Officer of Tematica Research and editor of Tematica Investing newsletter. All of that capitalizes on my near 20 years in the investment industry, nearly all of it breaking down industries and recommending stocks. In that time, I've been ranked an All Star Analyst by Zacks Investment Research and my efforts in analyzing industries, companies and equities have been recognized by both Institutional Investor and Thomson Reuters’ StarMine Monitor. In my travels, I've covered cyclicals, tech and more, which gives me a different vantage point, one that uses not only an ecosystem or food chain perspective, but one that also examines demographics, economics, psychographics and more when formulating my investment views. The question I most often get is "Are you related to…."

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