SPECIAL ALERT – Adding Nokia shares to the Tematica Select List

SPECIAL ALERT – Adding Nokia shares to the Tematica Select List


  • We are issuing a Buy on  Nokia Corp. (NOK) shares with an $8.50 price target.

  • At this time, there is no recommended stop-loss level and we would look to scale into the shares aggressively near $5.50.


Yes, you are reading that correctly. After recently adding Nokia Corp. (NOK) shares to the Contender List, we are now adding them to the Tematica Select List given continued progress in its higher margin, intellectual property (IP) business, Nokia Technologies. We’ve seen the power of this Asset-Lite Business Model investment theme before with Qualcomm (QCOM) and InterDigital (IDCC) and it has the power to not only transform Nokia, but deliver EPS  upside relative to expectations.

To jog people’s memory, in the most recent quarter the Nokia Technologies division accounted for 7% of Nokia’s overall revenue, but delivered 37% of operating profit. To be clear, we like the operating leverage in this business. In the coming quarters, we also expect Nokia to benefit from continued wireless infrastructure buildout from both existing 3G and 4G networks as well as eventual deployments on 5G networks.


So why add NOK shares to the Select List now?

Early this morning it was announced Nokia won an arbitration battle against LG Electronics, which follows recent deals with Samsung, Apple (AAPL) and Xiaomi Electronics, a Chinese smartphone company. From LG Nokia will receive both a one-time payment, which was not disclosed, as well as recurring revenue that is expected to be in the realm of $275-$300 million. This is a meaningful bump to Nokia’s IP, which had sales of 616 million euros in the first half of 2017, and gives far more comfort in the likelihood of the company hitting 2018 EPS expectations of $0.37, up from this year’s consensus EPS of $0.30. Also too, as Nokia continues to stack up licensees, it becomes increasingly easier to win over its remaining IP targets.

Our price target on Nokia shares is $8.50, which equates to 23x expected 2018 EPS or 1.0 on a price to earnings growth ratio (PEG) basis using the company EPS growth over the 2016-2018 time frame. Given the degree of upside to be had, we are adding NOK shares to the Select List with Buy. At this time, there is no recommended stop-loss level and we would look to scale into the shares aggressively near $5.50.

Over the coming quarters, we expect to see more movement in the company’s wireless infrastructure business as 5G moves from testing and beta to deployment. With Nokia Technologies, the company has booked some impressive wins, and it can turn its attention to Huawei, which according to data compiled by IDC is now the third largest smartphone vendor behind Samsung and Apple. Also, as Apple brings augmented reality into the mainstream with its new iPhone models and does the same with health applications with Apple Watch, this opens the door for other technology licensing opportunities at Nokia given its portfolio of connected health, augment and virtual reality as well as other technologies. What this will require is patience with the shares, but given we are not only thematic investors but ones that have a longer than the herd time horizon that’s just fine with us.



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